Past Night Without Limits

Previous Night Without Limits

2016 Night Without Limits


On Saturday April 16th, 2016, the Night Without Limits furthered it’s tradition and continued to grow into the most well-attended and best planned event that UCP of SLO County has ever run!  This now being our fifth year of running the event, we created space to allow everybody to have a raucous good time, flourishing their many colors with the “A Colorful Carnavale” theme.  Somewhat sleuthed from the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio, we wanted to bring that buoyant, colorful energy to the Night Without Limits while at the same time continuing to improve the event for our participants.  The food this year was the best this event has ever showcased, featuring Tognazzini’s Dockside, Ta Dahhh Specialty Foods and Lola’s Catering.  The wineries and breweries showed up again, in droves, providing more than enough wine for our participants and we’d like to again appreciate them in their participation!  Swing for Joy rocked the house again this year, and created an amazingly vibrant dancing environment!

In 2016, we were happy to honor Archie McLaren, the creator of the Central Coast Wine Classic for our UCP Citizen of the Year.  Archie’s role as a charitable donor and figure in the Central Coast is undeniable and his colorful style added so much to our event!

We were so happy of the energy, the fun, the execution and the community connections created during the 2016 Night Without Limits!

2015 Night Without Limits


On Saturday March 28th, 2015, the Night Without Limits event truly blossomed into the fundraising event that we’d hoped and envisioned just four years earlier! In this fourth year of the Night Without Limits events, the house was full, the wine and beer flowed freely, the music played buoyantly, and the participants all dressed up to the nines. Thematically, the event was dubbed “a Magical Masquerade” which brought forth great decorations and light shows across the SLO Vets Hall. It also brought out the whimsy side of our participants, as they dressed elegantly and donned purple masquerade masks with their otherwise elegant attire. The event featured 26 local wineries and breweries whose wines and brews were available for both the tasting and throughout the event. Swing for Joy and the Bill Wingfield Quartet highlighted the event with their musical acts and that translated into the best dancing we’ve seen from all of the Night Without Limits events!

In 2015, we happily honored David Miklas from PathPoint with the UCP Citizen of the Year Award. David has been an essential part of the growth of People First, San Luis Obispo’s self-advocacy group.

We are tremendously proud of the joy, the energy, and the community that was brought forth from the 2015 Night Without Limits – a Magical Masquerade!

2014 Night Without Limits


On Saturday March 22nd, 2014, we brought the Night Without Limits to a whole new level. Not only did we fill the house, but the energy and the entertainment were first class. The 2014 Night Without Limits was subtitled “The Roaring 20s” and boasted a Roaring 20s theme. We invited guests to dress up according to our theme and this proved to be a huge hit! The excitement around dressing up in the 20s theme combined with amazing musical performances of Swing for Joy and Valerie Johnson and her King Bees made the event a true success from beginning to end. Food was catered and provided by Herrons Catering and Lola’s amazing tasting variety of food options were delicious.

In 2014, we created the UCP Citizen of the Year Award and gave it to it’s first recipient, former Senator Sam Blakeslee. The former Senator Blakeslee was tremendously supportive of both UCP and Ride-On Transportation during his years of service and we felt tremendously grateful to give him this award. Overall, the Night Without Limits – Roaring 20s Style was a tremendous success and we feel excited to keep providing this fun, awareness-raising and fundraising event.

2013 Night Without Limits


On Saturday March 16th, 2013 from 6pm – 11pm, UCP of SLO County held the 2nd Annual Night Without Limits, an evening-time dinner and dancing event. At Night Without Limits, we traditionally featured Arts for Living and showcased the wonderful services that this program has done to help support people with disabilities and create a “Life Without Limits.” We also held a silent auction and blackjack during the event.

In 2013, Night Without Limits featured our newest program, Arts for Living. In the middle of the event, we showed a video demonstrating their “Music Club” and showcased how music therapy not only helps increase expression, but also promotes inclusion and eliminates boundaries.

Our 2013 Night Without Limits was truly a great time.

2012 Night Without Limits


The 2012 Night Without Limits featured our program “iPads Without Limits”. In that program, we gave iPads to local children with disabilities via a scholarship. We invite you to view the video below to see a bit about our iPads Without Limits program.