UCP Philosophies

UCP of San Luis Obispo utilizes a philosophy-based approach to guide and shape the programs we offer and the way that we interact with our UCP Members and the community at large.  These philosophies are listed below. We also invite you to learn more about our philosophies by browsing through our website and learning about our numerous programs and affiliates as well as our special events and how they support our philosophies.

  • At UCP, we believe that everyone should be treated with dignity, respect, and acceptance of their own personal choices.
  • Members are unique individuals with their own interests and goals.
  • Members are empowered to choose their goals, activities, and lifestyle.
  • Members are encouraged to communicate their thoughts and feelings to the people in their lives and community.
  • Members learn to express appreciation for the people and opportunities in their lives.
  • At UCP, we engage with all members in their unique communication styles to understand and support their individual needs.
  • Our role is to guide the public to open access and accept members as a part of the community.
  • UCP services are adapted to provide a successful learning environment for each member.
  • UCP services are adjusted to ensure safety within the community while providing supportive environments for the member to grow.
  • At UCP, we will continue to assess, adapt, and create support services to meet the needs of our members of the community while empowering our members to advocate for a life without limits.