Respite Care

Respite Care


The Basics

What is it?

Respite care is a break for parents, caregivers, and family members in which temporary care is provided for children and young adults with disabilities. Respite can take place in the family’s home, or out in the community. This program is a great opportunity for parents to take advantage of, and UCP has plenty of great respite workers available!

We provide insurance, workers’ compensation, payroll taxes, and wages for our respite workers.

Who can use it?

Authorized Tri-Counties Regional Center families can use UCP as an agency respite vendor. This means that UCP takes care of hiring and paying the respite worker, and also ensuring that they are sufficiently trained.

For more information: Contact UCP

Phone: (805) 543-2039

For more information about becoming a respite worker call UCP, or visit our “Jobs” page.

If you are a current respite worker and would like an update on your current remaining hours, please call the UCP office at (805) 543-2039!

For Respite Care EmployeesDownload and Print Respite Care Timesheets

For Respite Care Applicants – Download and Print the Respite Care Application and a California I9 Form and a California W4 form. All forms must be completed and turned in as part of the Respite Care Application packet.