A night getaway for parent(s) of a child with special needs

Parents of children with developmental disabilities face daily challenges to work, raise a family, and provide special care for their child with a disability. United Cerebral Palsy of San Luis Obispo County has teamed up with local hotels over the past fifteen years to provide “Respitality” – a getaway weekend for those parents who are challenged by the constant demand of a child with special needs.

If you are the parent(s) of a UCP Member and would like to see if you qualify for the benefits of our Respitality Program, please contact us directly at

Tri-Counties Regional Center Coordinators can send an email to with who they are nominating for the night getaway and their contact information. UCP will review all submissions and award parent(s) for a night getaway.

If you represent a hotel or have the availability to donate hotel stays for these parents, we invite and encourage you to call UCP at (805) 543-2039 or email to support these deserving families!