Meet Makayla

Makayla at UCP/Ride-On offices, smiling while answering a phone call

Makayla lives in the South County and travels with Ride-On five days a week to work at Pathpoint in San Luis Obispo. She is attending Cuesta College and hopes to get a job in the child development field. Makayla is a member of the United Cerebral Palsy Board of Directors and the President of the local chapter of People First, a group run by individuals with a developmental disability advocating for improving the quality of their lives. Makayla graduated from the first Ambassador Class 2019-20, a yearlong class where members learn about leadership, communication, and volunteerism. She is now a mentor helping her peers attend future Ambassador Classes and supporting their personal growth. She has been a keynote speaker at Cuesta College on inclusion for people with developmental disabilities. She enjoys traveling on CIP Tours, raising funds for UCP, and helping with her peers. She is living her “Life Without Limits”.

Makayla's UCP Advertisement "Makayla's Story Will Brighten Your Day". This image has 2 images of Makayla, one where she's posing with a group of UCP Ambassadors in front of a SLO Food Bank Truck and another where she's answering the phone at the UCP Office. The verbiage in the advertisement is a short summation of Makayla - the full text of which can be found on the page below.

Makayla In Her Own Words…

My name is Makayla I lived in Clovis I graduated high school in 2014 I moved to Arroyo Grande I lived in Arroyo Grande for 9 years I work at pathpoint I’m a part of Ucp I graduated from the ambassador club now I’m a ambassador mentor to help new people to become a leader to help people in the community who needs help and I’m on the board of directors and I’m the president of the people first group and I’m on the fundraising committee and I’m on the community committee 

I want to help all the special needs people to know they are perfect no matter what anyone say and i want to help them learn and understand things and I want to help them not feel left out and make them feel comfortable to share and help each other out and I want to help special needs and disabled people that are getting bullied or just having a hard time and I want to help them understand that they are loved and make them feel they are amazing to be around with and I want people with disability to know they are never alone