Thank You from UCP of SLO County

Repost – Original Post on Oct 26, 2012

We wanted to thank some of those organizations and groups that have helped us recently with our efforts in reaching out to the community and achieving our mission and goals.

First, thank you much to Mike’s Shoes for holding a fundraiser to support UCP of SLO County. Mike’s Shoes came and approached us about doing this fundraiser. Thank you Mike’s Shoes!!! You can find their website by clicking on this link.

Mike’s Shoes

Second, Jim & I, a local band came to our Walk & Roll both this year and last year and really entertained our group. Thank you Jim & I (Jim Wilmore and Seth Blackburn). You can find their website by clicking on this link.

Jim & I Music

Third and last, we’d like to thank every one of you who come to our events, visit our website and help us in our mission. Whether your a person with a disability, a parent or sibling of a person with a disability, an interested citizen, a local advocate or just a friendly passerby, we greatly appreciate you being here and reading this. Thank you everybody for your work, your interest and your good times.