Take Me Out to the BALL GAME

Repost – Original Post on Jul 11, 2012

Hi ALL, it’s Mandy! I am back! Been SUPER CRAZY BUSY here at UCP with all our planning for UCP Camp Kelley Creek this Month in June!! SO Excited!

Well here is the story on the fun stuff we did LAST month. Last month we took a group of 21 people to the Dodgers game on May 19th. We spent a wonderful morning shopping at and walking around Venice Beach in Los Angeles. The clients really had a great time going into the shops and getting things they really wanted. We all saved a few dollars for the game though.. If you are a Dodgers fan you always want to show it off! So we did some much anticipated souvenir shopping at the game park as well. The game was against the AZ Cardinals… AS IF THEY HAD A CHANCE!!! Anyway.. one of the really amazing things about attending this game was FanFest! This year is the 50th year anniversary for Dodgers Stadium. So in celebration they had a lot going on at their Fan appreciation event like, autograph sessions with current and former Dodger players, Q&A sessions with Dodger players and coaches and games and dancing and so much more! Everyone along had an amazing time.. and we were all super PUMPED by the time the game started.. We ate Dodger Dogs and did the wave! All of us got up to sing and dance in the 7th inning stretch!

Needless to say I am sure, the Dodgers won the game.. It was awesome!