Steptember FAQs

Steptember FAQs

General Information

Q. What is the duration of Steptember and what is the start and end date?
A. Steptember takes place during the month of September in any given year.  Exact date information can be found by contacting our office at (805) 543-2039.

Registration and Team Information

Q. When does registration open?
A. Registration is open typically 1-2 months before the event starts.

Q. How do I form a team?
A. To start, get four people together and choose a team leader who will register the team via the website. During the registration process the Team Leader will be required to enter the names and email addresses of each Team Member. Each Team Member will then receive an invitation from the Steptember website to join the team and complete their registration.

Q. What is a Team Leader?
A. A Team Leader is the person who is in charge of registering your team. They will send invitations to Team Members and manage the admin for the team.

Q. How do I join a team?
A. The Team Leader will need your email address to send you an online invitation. Once you receive this invitation, simply accept via the hyperlink and complete your registration details on the website.

Q. Can more than one person be a Team Leader?
A. No. Each team has one Team Leader and three Team Members. If your Team Leader decides to leave your team, they can update their email address and contact details in the ‘My Details’ section to transfer leadership to another person. This person cannot already be a member of an existing team. Any funds raised or steps that belonged to the original Team Leader will be transferred to the new Team Leader.

Q. As a Team Leader, what happens if I invite someone who does not want to participate?
A. If a Team Leader invites a person who does not want to participate, the person can decline the invitation. The Team Leader will be notified so they can send the invitation to another person.

Q. Can people in different states and locations across the US take part in the Steptember?
A. Yes! Participants can be located anywhere in the US; they just need to have access to the internet so that they can enter in their daily steps/activity. We encourage national organizations to use this as an opportunity for offices located in different states to participate in a common activity. It’s also a great way for family members and friends who live a distance from each other to participate in an activity together.

Q. What happens if someone in my team pulls out?
A. The Team Leader can remove the Team Member via the ‘My Team’ page and invite a new person to take their place. Any funds raised or steps that belonged to the original team member will be transferred to the new Team Member.

Q. What happens if I hurt/injure myself or become ill and am not able to complete the Challenge?
A. The Team Leader can remove you from the team and invite a new member from the ‘My Team’ page. Otherwise, you can continue to stay on the team and focus on fundraising.

Q. When will I receive my Steptember Kit and what does it include?
A. Steptember Kits will start to be distributed to each participant who chooses to pay for their registration. Participants should receive their kits within two-three weeks after registering. Each kit includes a pedometer. Steptember kits will be sent to the postal address that the Team Member enters into the website when they register.

Q. Does each team member get sent a kit?
A. Depends. Each team member who chose to receive a kit will be be sent their own kit to the address they provided when registering. Each kit will include a pedometer.

Q. What is the benefit of registering my organization / school?
A. Registered Organizations / Schools are given the opportunity to customise a landing page that their teams will be linked to. From this landing page, your teams can see how they’re progressing in relation to others within the organization/school and a group fundraising target can also be set. Organizations will also have an admin login, giving them the ability to monitor teams and pull reports.

Q. Do I have to pre-purchase teams if I want to register an organization / school?
A. Yes. Please contact UCP San Luis Obispo at (805) 543-2039 or email for more information.

Q. How do I set up my organization or school?
A. Firstly, decide who will be your organization / school’s Steptember Team Leader. This person will be the main contact for Steptember and will be responsible for registering your organization / school and pre-purchasing your teams. They can register by clicking on the register button on the website and following the prompts.

Q. The organization / school I belong to has already paid for my team, how do I get started?
A. You organization’s Steptember Team Leader (the person who registered your organization / school) would have received an organization registration code when they pre-purchased teams. Your Team Leader will need to contact this person to acquire the code and then enter it when registering your team. By entering this code, your team will be linked to your organization / school and your Team Leader will not be asked for payment during the registration process.



Q. How much is it to join Steptember?
A. For adults (over the age of 18) the registration fee is $30.00 per person. For those who committ to fundraising $100, registration is FREE.



Q. How do I start fundraising?
A. Firstly, think about how much money your team might be able to raise and choose a realistic fundraising target. It doesn’t matter if you raise $500 or $10,000 or $50,000 – every cent counts!

Q. Who will be my sponsors?
A. Take a look at your immediate networks, friends, family, employer, work colleagues and local community and think about how they can support you.

Q. How can I fundraise?
A. How you raise your funds is completely up to you…..this is the time to get creative! Once you’ve set your team fundraising target get together with your other Team Members for a brainstorm. You can choose to carry out fundraising activities as an individual or as a team; every dollar you raise will go towards your team target.
Remember – whatever you do, make it your own and inject your personality and style into it! Your sponsors will not only be supporting United Cerebral Palsy they will be supporting you as well.

Here are some ideas to get the ball rolling:
• Morning Tea/Afternoon Tea
• Casual Day
• Garage sale
• Cook-off Contest
• Trivia night
• Guessing competition
• Chocolate drives
• Give it up for a week

Q. Do I have to fundraise as a team or can I do my own activities?
A. That’s completely up to you. All funds raised by you and your Team Members will be combined to reach your team target.

Q. Our Team Leader didn’t select the fundraising option when registering our team. Can we choose to fundraise now?
A. Yes, your Team Leader can add or change your a team target on the My Team page.

Q. How do I set a new fundraising target?
A. Your Team Leader can change the team fundraising target on the My Team page.

Q. Our team has reached our fundraising target, what happens now?
A. Congratulations on reaching your target! We encourage participants to continue fundraising. Your Team Leader can increase your team’s target on the My Team page.

Q. If my sponsor makes a donation to my team through the website, will they receive a tax receipt?
A. If the donation is above $2.00 they will be sent a tax receipt to the email address they provided.

Q. What is a tax deductable donation?
A. A tax deductible donation is any donation over $2 that was not given in exchange for goods or services.

Examples of payments that are not tax deductable include:
• purchases of raffle tickets
• purchases of items such as chocolates
• the cost of attending fundraising dinners, even if the cost exceeds the value of the dinner

Q. Do I have to wait for Steptember to start before I start fundraising?
A. No, you can start fundraising as soon as you register. The sooner the better!

Q: Is the Steptember website secure?
A: The Steptember website uses SSL technology to encrypt your personal data when it is transferred from your browser to the website. Your personal details are protected on our servers, which are PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) compliant. We never store any credit card details on our servers.

Q: What else can our organization do to make this event even better for our staff?
A: We encourage organizations to really get involved with Steptember. There are many things you can do at an organizational level to engage and support your employees.

Why not try some of these fun ideas:
• Hold a Steptember launch lunch/party and then another at the end of Steptember
• Have competitions/incentives for teams which are doing well
• Start a lunchtime walking program
• Use your newsletters or internet to give updates on the progress of your teams

Q: When do I wear my pedometer?
A: All the time! Take your pedometer off when you’re going to bed or in any type of water (as your pedometer isn’t waterproof). We also advise that you remove your pedometer when taking part in any activity that can be converted into steps on the website, for example cycling, yoga etc (see below).

Q: I do other physical activity apart from walking e.g. cycling….can this count towards my step total?
A: Yes, Steptember isn’t just about walking. We encourage you to get out and do any activity you enjoy doing. We’ve created an activity conversion table to convert over 40 of your favorite activities into steps. Simply select this activity when you record your steps on your webpage.

Q: I can’t see my activity on the conversion table; does that mean it doesn’t count?
A: Not necessarily. We’ve done our best to convert as many activities as we can but it’s impossible to include everything. If your activity isn’t represented try to select an activity that is similar to your activity. Please feel free to email one of our friendly Steptember team members, or a staff member at UCP San Luis Obispo and we’ll try and have your activity added to next year’s list.

Q: Can I buy an extra pedometer if I lose or break both of mine?
A: If you need an extra pedometer please contact UCP of San Luis Obispo at (805) 543-2039 or email

Q. Will I ever need to replace the battery in my pedometer?
A: You shouldn’t need to replace the battery during Steptember. They are built to last the duration of the event, however at some point in the future this battery will come to the end of its usable life. Simply follow the instruction supplied with your pedometer to change it.

Q. Do I have to enter my steps every day?
A. We recommend that you enter steps (for the day prior) everyday to allow a steady journey up your virtual Mountain.

Q: Can anyone else see my step entries?
A. Yes, your team members will be able to see your steps. The general public will only see the team total steps.

Q: Can I only enter my steps via the Steptember website, or is there another way?
A. You can also enter your steps via a smart phone.

Q: What are the other activities that can be converted into steps ?

Circuit Training
Driving Range
Ultimate Frisbee
Horseback Riding
Physical Therapy
Ice Skating
Kite Boarding
Manual Wheelchair (pushing)
Manual Wheelchair (using)
Martial Arts
Elliptical Trainer
Power Wheelchair
Resistance Training
Rock Climbing
Spin Class
Water Skiing
Weights Class
Wind Surfing

If you do not have an answer to your question listed above, please:

1) Contact UCP at (805) 543-2039 or
2) Email UCP at or
3) Ask the question on our Facebook page at