50 Ways to Fundraise

50 Fun Ways to Fundraise

for Steptember

We at UCP of San Luis Obispo County got together to think of fun and creative ways that you can help the fundraising efforts for Steptember. We will be awarding and recognizing our top fundraising teams throughout Steptember with Social Media based contests as well as an overall recognition at the Walk & Roll. We’d love to see all teams get excited about fundraising this year – the smallest efforts put forth will have so many positive ramifications for people with disabilities in our county.

You can download the 50 Ways to Fundraise PDF by clicking HERE

1. Around the World Potluck
Have a “world” class fundraiser. Ask friends or coworkers to bring a dish from a different country. Others can make a donation to enjoy this multicultural feast!
2. How Many Saltines Can You Eat?
How many Saltines can you eat in five minutes without taking a sip of water? Have your friends or colleagues make wagers with the winner splitting the pot 50/50.
3. Slipper Day at Work
Ask everyone in the office to wear slippers to work in return for a donation.
4. Bocce Ball Tournament
Organize a bocce ball tourney. All teams donate an entry fee. The winning team can take away bragging rights! (Don’t have a bocce ball set? Borrow UCP-SLO’s!)
5. Work Day at the Beach
Organize a work day at the beach for your office. Everyone who attends must pay for the privilege.
6. Master Chef
Prepare your signature dish for guests and ask them for a donation in return.
7. Throw a Tri-Tip on the Barbie!
Nothing beats a good ol’ BBQ. So why not cook up a tri-tip bbq with all the fixin’s for your coworkers or friends and ask for a tasty donation.
8. Race-Around-the–Office
Create a race within the office – chair races down the hall, quickest typist, or elevator races. Charge a fee for each entry.
9. House of Cards
Make your fundraiser a big deal with a card game night. Friends have to pay to play Poker, Gin Rummy, Black Jack or even Go Fish!
10. Swear Jar – #%$@*!?
Start a swear jar at home or in the work place. $1 per swear, $2 for a really bad one!
11. Dance Party
Dance the night away… Create a fun theme – 80’s, Disco, 60’s – and charge admission to the dance!
12. Sandcastle Building Contest
Have a sand castle building contest and charge an entry fee.
13. Funky Fashion Show
Ask friends and family to donate their funkiest unwanted clothing and put on a fashion show. Sell clothes to the highest bidder and donate the proceeds.
14. Ultimate Sacrifce
Ask friends and family to sponsor you to give up that ONE thing that you simply can’t live without – coffee, chocolate, beer or Facebook! If you’ve got the will, there’s a way to fundraise!
15. Video Game Play Off
Charge an entry fee for a BIG video game play off.
16. Have a Day on Me!
Ask your boss to donate a day off and raffle it off in the office.
17. Host a Wine Tasting
Unleash the wine critic within by holding a wine tasting. Charge your friends a fee to sample a few different wines and see how well they really know their stuff!
18. The Big Fish
Invite your buddies to a “fish off” to see who can catch the biggest fish. Get them to tow the line and pay for the privilege.
19. Surf Contest
Host your own surf contest and charge an entry fee.
20. Candy Count
Can you guess how many jelly beans are in the jar? Charge $1 per guess and the winner takes home the jar.
21. Book Ends
Sell your unwanted books to a second hand store or hold your own used book sale at work! Donate the proceeds.
22. It’s a Dog’s Life
Walk your neighbor’s dogs in return for a donation (you’ll also earn steps to count toward your day’s step count!).
23. Hairy Situation
Set a certain dollar amount that will get you to shave or color your hair (purple anyone?). Once you reach that amount, throw a party to watch the transformation!
24. Virtual Party
Ask your friends to donate to the virtual party – a non-existent party! It’s a win/win… you will raise money they and they will be off the hook for not turning up!
25. Trash Day
Wheel out the curbside trash cans for everyone on your street and ask for donations.
26. Bad Taste Day
Ask colleagues or friends to pay to express their bad taste. Get everyone to come to work or go out for happy hour in their worst tie, hair-do or most gaudy clothes.
27. Walk this Way
Have a walking-free period: you must hop, skip, jump, or moon walk to get around. Anyone seen walking will be fined.
28. Backyard Campout
Invite your friends over for a backyard campout. Charge a fee for them to set up their tent and fine them if they head indoors before the night is through.
29. “Office” Olympics
Following the lead of Jim on “The Office” TV show, set up your own Office Olympics replete with “Dunderball,” paper football, and yogurt lid medals. Each athlete must place a wager on themselves. The person who wins gold keeps their money, silver has to donate half, bronze must donate ¾ and anyone who doesn’t place must pay the full amount.
30. On Yer Bike
Give up your car for a day, it’s great for the environment and for your pocket – donate the money you save.
31. Carpool with a Friend (or take the bus)
Donate the money you save by not driving.
32. Bake Sale
Get your friends or coworkers to bake up some delectable goodies and sell them at work.
33. Tea for Two
Host a morning tea for your friends or work colleagues. Get participants to donate to be involved.
34. Host a Coffee Event
Host a morning coffee get-together at a local coffee shop and charge admission. Take it one step further and ask the local shop owner if they’ll donate a portion of the proceeds to support your team.
35. Fancy Pants
Dare a work mate to dress up for the day (don’t tell them what or who they’ll be dressed as) and ask the rest of the staff to sponsor them.
36. Girls Night Out In
Invite the girls over for a girl’s night in. Donate what you’d normally spend on a night out!
37. Movie Night
Host a movie night either on the big screen or outside on the garage door! Charge admission and for refreshments and donate the proceeds.
38. A Weighty Matter
Guess the weight of various items. Charge per guess and the winner gets to keep the item!
39. Zip It!
Charge for guesses at how long you can go without talking – especially hard if you’re a chatterbox!
40. Will Work for Peanuts
Donate your day’s pay – see if your boss will do the same.
41. Give Change – Change Lives
Ask your coworkers to donate the loose change in their pockets or wallets every night for a week. Their small change can make a big difference!
42. Go Ahead, Make my Day!
Make up a trivia contest, charge to play, and give out a prize for the winner.
43. Karaoke Night
Organize a karaoke night and charge per song!
44. Talent Night
Got a party trick? Think you can dance? Organize a talent show and pay to enter, as well as to attend. Give a prize to the winner.
45. So You Think You Can Spell?
Host a spelling bee. Charge to enter and to attend.
46. Who’s That Baby?
Find out if your coworker was the world’s cutest baby or if they had a face only a mother could love! Have a competition to see who can match the baby face to the corresponding adult.
47. Bring Your Pet to Work
Bring your pet to work in exchange for a donation.
48. Car Wash
Hold a car wash in your neighborhood, a local parking lot or at your workplace. Charge per wash.
49. Game Night
Host a Bunko, Dominos, Twister, or Scrabble (or a combination of all!) game night. Charge for admission and refreshments and donate the proceeds.
50. And $1 Charity Donation
Ask your customers to donate $1, $5, or $10 to UCP & Steptember. Offer them the opportunity to be recognized for their donation by displaying a small piece of UCP/Steptember artwork, that they can sign, on your wall. (UCP provides artwork)