UCP of San Luis Obispo’s Fundraising Events


Every year UCP of San Luis Obispo holds two events to grow awareness, activism and funds in support of people with disabilities in San Luis Obispo County.

Night Without Limits – Spring

In early Spring, we kick off the year with the Night Without Limits, an evening-time dinner and dancing event. At the Night Without Limits, we traditionally feature one of our programs and showcase all of the wonderful services that this program has done to help support people with disabilities and create a “Life Without Limits.” We also hold a silent auction during “Night Without Limits”. In 2013, we’ll introduce Blackjack into the mix to add to the fun.

This year “Night Without Limits” features our newest program, Arts for Living. In the middle of the event, we’ll show a video demonstrating their “Music Club” and showcase how music therapy not only helps increase expression, but also promotes inclusion and eliminates boundaries. Interested in learning more about Night Without Limits, then visit our Night Without Limits Page to see more information about our 2017 event.

Are you a business or organization that is looking to donate to a worthwhile cause in San Luis Obispo County. We accept In-Kind Donations to be sold at our silent auction. All proceeds to the silent auction will go towards UCP and are completely tax-deductible. We beg you to consider donating to our organization. If you need convincing, simply look through our Affiliates and Services and see all of the amazing things done to support SLO County residents with disabilities.


For the month of September, UCP of San Luis Obispo County hosts the local branch of the Steptember. As indicated by the title of the event, this is a worldwide fundraiser aimed to really engage it’s participants with physical activity while bringing awareness to people with disabilities.

In Steptember, you and a group of three friends all band together to do physical activity. UCP of SLO County equips you with an odometer to track your steps and at the end of the day you record those steps into the Steptember website. On that website, you and your team will summit up a virtual mountain – the more steps and activities that you do throughout the day, the higher you ascend up your mountain. The Challenge accepts and logs many other types of activities including: running, hiking, biking, swimming, gardening, surfing, yoga and more.

All the proceeds for Steptember goes directly into both UCP of San Luis Obispo County and UCP’s National Branch. Interested in participating? This is a great event to promote in your workplace with your workmates! Challenge your workmates to beat you or join you as you summit your mountain. Visit the Steptember website to learn more.

Are you an employer looking for a fun way to increase a Health-Care Initiative in your company. Steptember is a great way to jump start that initiative. Contact us at UCP of SLO County at (805) 543-2039 to learn more about how to be a part of the event.