UCP of San Luis Obispo’s Fundraising Events


Every year UCP of San Luis Obispo holds two events to grow awareness, activism and funds in support of people with disabilities in San Luis Obispo County.

Night Without Limits – Spring

In early Spring, we kick off the year with the Night Without Limits, an evening-time dinner and dancing event. At the Night Without Limits, we traditionally feature one of our programs and showcase all of the wonderful services that this program has done to help support people with disabilities and create a “Life Without Limits.” We also hold a silent auction during “Night Without Limits”.

Are you a business or organization that is looking to donate to a worthwhile cause in San Luis Obispo County. We accept In-Kind Donations to be sold at our silent auction. All proceeds to the silent auction will go towards UCP and are completely tax-deductible. We beg you to consider donating to our organization. If you need convincing, simply look through our Affiliates and Services and see all of the amazing things done to support SLO County residents with disabilities.


UCP Giving Month – November

The Month of November is UCP Giving Month for UCP of San Luis Obispo County.  UCP Giving Month aims to bring awareness and raise funds that will directly support scholarships and opportunities for participation for people with disabilities in San Luis Obispo County.

The premise of UCP Giving Month is: with a small donation of $25, you can make a amazing difference in the life of an individual with a disability.  The Giving Month is hosted online and can be found on our website.  Our goal is to raise $5,000 – or to have 200 members of our UCP of SLO County community join us in supporting people with disabilities.

Why you should donate is simple: a small, generous contribution by you can greatly support and affect the lives of our UCP members!

All the proceeds for UCP Giving Month go directly towards UCP members.  UCP will provide opportunities that allow them to participate in supported, inclusive activities, some within SLO County and some to more distant locations, that will provide scholarships that allow participation in UCP’s Summer Camp for adults with developmental disabilities – Camp Kelley Creek, that will provide funding and further scholarships for our wildly popular and growing program – Gift of Technology, and more!