Event Calendars for Youth, Teens, Adults & Parents

The aim of these calendars is to promote the acceptance and participation of all individuals within our community. We believe that a community that promotes and values inclusion provides opportunities for all individuals to participate in desired community and recreational activities, together. We aim to provide and showcase inclusive events and recreational activities to bring individuals with common interest together and build relationships.

This page is divided into three calendars. The first calendar is the “Youth & Teens Inclusive Events Calendar”. This calendar showcases recreational and inclusive opportunities for youth to teen ages. The following calendar is the “Adult Events Calendar” and this shows recreational and inclusive events for adults in our community. The final calendar, “Parent Training & Events Calendar” is a calendar aimed to help parents of children and adults with disabilities find training and resources. We invite you to click on the calendars and view all the events available in our community.

Youth & Teens Inclusive Events Calendar
Adult Events Calendar
Parent Training & Events Calendar

To Submit an Event
If you are an individual or organization that would like to submit an event to our calendar, please refer to the right hand column of this page. To submit an event to either the “Youth & Teens Inclusive Events Calendar” or the “Adults Events Calendar”, please click on the top link, fill out the form and submit it to the email address listed on the form. To submit an event to the “Parent Training & Events Calendar” please click the bottom link, complete the form and submit it to the email address listed on the form.

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Download the Fillable PDF Forms by clicking on the links below and Submit them to Parents Helping Parents to have your events posted to the calendar.


Event Information Sheet – Youth Teen Adult

Event Information Sheet – Parent Training & Events