The Ranch

The Ranch


The Ranch is a COMMUNITY gathering location for recreation and education, providing outdoor employment opportunities for area residents with developmental disabilities and a unique experience for volunteers and visitors.

The Concept:

The Ranch will operate as a day program, accommodating the special needs population, and the general public. It will be a non-profit entity.

The Ranch will provide a variety of agricultural opportunities for those with special needs. This facility will provide exposure to a variety of open air activities and teach participants fundamental job skills. The ranch will include seasonal, public outlets for produce and products grown and raised by the partcipants.

The Proposed Facilities Include:

  • – Seasonal Produce
  • – Picnic Lawn
  • – Vegetable Garden
  • – Sensory Garden
  • – Hiking Trails
  • – Amphitheater
  • – Orchard
  • – Bird Watching Deck
  • – Goats and Chickens yard
  • – Multi-Purpose Room


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