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SLO Excursions is a program providing educational and social activities to teens diagnosed with Autism, anxiety and other disorders in San Luis Obispo County. Our program offers weekly activities that take place in “real-life” settings allowing teens to receive hands-on behavioral support while enjoying fun and new everyday activities with friends.

Our program is under the supervision of Brooke Foster, Board Certified Behavior Analyst and her colleagues, Jill VanCura, Behavior Therapist and CJ Tilford, Behavior Therapist.

Participants in the program will learn real life skills that they can continue to use everyday. These skills include: communication, money handling skills, public transportation, conversation skills, and community involvement.

Accommodations and activity adaptions are made to include individuals of all functioning levels.

Events take place Friday afternoons for an hour and a half. Times range from 3:45PM to 7:30PM depending on the event. To be added to our monthly newsletter and weekly event e-mail, please e-mail CJ Tilford at

Thank you to the Shanbrom Family Foundation for developing and supporting services for individuals with autism in San Luis Obispo.