Steptember – Join us for a Swing for Joy Performance at D’Anbino’s

UCP of SLO County, Arts for Living and Swing for Joy invites you to a performance by Swing for Joy at D’Anbino’s Vineyards and Cellars, located at 710 Pine Street, Paso Robles, CA 93446 from 2:00pm to 4:30pm. Swing for Joy is suggesting a $5.00 donation for entrance to the event where they will perform a delightful array of 20’s style tunes, jazz standards, swing charts and contemporary music!

Proceeds from this event will go directly towards Steptember! What a great way to support adults and children with developmental disabilities in SLO County and across the globe! And what a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon – hanging out in wine country and listening to amazing music!

Steptember - Event 3 - Flyer

Step-Avenger Hunt in Downtown SLO

JOIN UCP of SLO County

for our Steptember Scavenger – “Stepavenger” Hunt
on Friday September 11th, 2015


Join us for our first affiliate wide competition for Steptember 2015! The winner of this Friday’s “Steptember Scavenger Hunt: Step-avenger Hunt” will receive a $100 Visa Gift Card. This event will also conveniently give you an opportunity to step up your step count for the day! Here is how you play.

During 10am – 6pm, visit each of the 5 pre-chosen locations that are hosting our scavenger hunt tickets. These locations will all be in downtown San Luis Obispo and are all within walking distance of one another.

Step-avenger Location 1: San Luis Obispo Downtown Chamber of Commerce – located at 895 Monterey Street.

Step-avenger Location 2: Open Air Flowers – located at 1055 Osos Street.

Step-avenger Location 3: Flip Flop Shop – located at 858 Higuera Street.

Step-avenger Location 4: Sports Forum – located at 701 Higuera Street.

Step-avenger Location 5: Batch – located at 1115 Broad Street.

Then at 6:00pm come down to Lotus Asia’s Best – located at 1131 Broad Street, San Luis Obispo. Those who have all 5 tickets will be eligible to win the drawing for the grand prize of a $100 Visa Gift Card. The drawing will be held promptly at 6:30 so please ensure that you arrive before the drawing to ensure your entry into the drawing. You must be present to win the grand prize!

If you have any questions, please contact us at! Happy Stepping and see you on Friday!


Steptember - Event 2 - Flyer

Cancelled – Creeky Tiki Event Tonight

Hi all,

Sad news! We have to cancel the Creeky Tiki mingling event tonight. Unfortunately, with other very awesome and important events taking place downtown, we weren’t able to secure the location that we wanted for our event. But friends, do not worry. All other events will go on as scheduled.

– Jason P. from UCP of SLO County

Steptember 2015 Update – Sep 3rd

Hey all you Steptember participants!  We have a few things we wanted to let you all know:

1) After Day #1 – UCP of SLO County – as a collective organization – is #1 in Steps and #2 in Funds Raised for Steptember.  What a start!

2) Entering your steps is a little different than last year.  To enter steps you first want to log in, then click on Log Steps.  If you are logging an activity, you then want to click on “Log an activity instead” which shows up only after you click on “Log Steps”.  Once you click on “Log an activity instead” you will see a large drop-down list that shows the list of activities, the amount of time the activity was performed and at what intensity the activity was performed.  If you don’t see your specific activity in the drop-down list, don’t sweat it.  Simply find another activity that is most similar to yours and substitute it.

3) The Leaderboard is a very good tool.  You’ll find it, along with the rest of your tools, in the drop-down menu that is on the left hand side of your Steptember page.  The menu is represented by three white, horizontal lines.  On a mobile device, you will only see the three white lines; to access the menu simply click here.  On a computer, you will see the three white lines in addition to text saying menu.  The tools under the menu will prove to be very useful in your journey through Steptember.

4) Come down to the Creeky Tiki tomorrow, Friday September 4th from 5:30pm to 7:30pm for a little Steptember mixer!  We will see you there!





– Jason P. from UCP

Steptember 2015 – WELCOME ALL

Good Day Steptember 2015 Participants!

We wanted to make sure to give everybody a heads up on where to find the most up to date Steptember information. We are going to post challenges, events, leaders and any other necessary updates here and on our Facebook page. Let’s start with our full fundraising leaderboard:

Full Fundraising List & Leaders (Teams) as of 9/1/15 @ 12:00pm
1) The G2 Untouchables – $555.00
2) SLO Access for All – Team Blue – $325.00
3) SLO Referral Source – $320.00
4) Sleeping Tigers Dream Team – $295.00
5) Arts for Living AwesomeSauce – $230.00
6) We Keep Moving Forward – $200.00
7) Demonic Daschunds – $165.00
8) Power Serge – $165.00
9) SLO Poke – $150.00
10) G2 Avengers – $125.00
11) Routematch – $120.00
12) SLO Dragons – $120.00
13) SLO Stepper – $120.00
14) CCATC – $105.00
15) D-Dubstep – $105.00
16) Arts for Living AwesomeSauce V 2.0 – $100.00
17) oscill8 – $80.00
18) Sax o fun – $80.00
19) Audrey’s Angels – $75.00
20) CCBH – Team 1 – $55.00
21) Drumming & Stepping – Arts for Living – $55.00
22) Early Girls – $55.00
23) New Times 2 – $55.00
24) Robert’s Renegades – $55.00
25) SLO Access for All – Team Green – $55.00
26) SLO Creatives 1 – $55.00
27) Team Cupboard – $55.00
28) Cal Poly Dollies – $25.00
29) Coryell Stompers – $25.00
30) Every Little Step I Take – $25.00
31) New Times – $25.00
32) Parents for Joy – $25.00
33) Radio Active – $25.00
24) Rich Prop One – $25.00
25) Arts for Living – Spokes – $20.00
26) TBD – $10.00
27) Pick-A-Little-Ladies – $5.00

Happy Stepping! The event begins tomorrow, September 2nd, 2015 at 12am. Keep it tuned here and our Facebook page for all current Steptember information from UCP of SLO County!

– Jason P. at UCP