♥ ♦ ♣ ♠ VIVA Las Vegas ♠ ♣ ♦ ♥

Repost – Original Post on Aug 31, 2012

UCP CIP Tour to Las Vegas

~LATE BLOG ALERT~. =) Hey everyone this is me, Mandy…. It has been SUPER busy here at UCP. Setting up and getting ready for all the really amazing trips and activities we still have happening this year. Also sending out all the information on what is coming up in 2013. If you are not on our mailing list and want to know what is up and coming for UCP contact Kristine at Kristine@ucp-slo.org or call her at (805)543-2039.

Now back to the Real News –

Guess what?! We, UCP CIP Tours, went to LAS VEGAS! Yup that is right, Las Vegas, People… We actually were out there last month in July. It was hot and so were the machines. WHEW!!! These guys were all on a roll. I can tell you more than half the people who played came back home UP on the money! It was amazing. They all had a blast.

We stayed at the 4 Queens on Fremont Street. Frank, Tami and Marie all have amazing luck at the casino. They won and got free stuff and really enjoyed themselves. Some of these guys didn’t know what to expect. It was really great to get and sit down with them and have some great chats about their lives and show them how to play the machines.

We had a lot of fun walking down Fremont Street looking at other casinos there and checking out some of the street vendors and artists. It was so much fun. For lunch that day we walked down to the Main St Station for the buffet. Food was amazing and we all totally stuffed ourselves. That night we got all dressed up and went out to an awesome show on the strip at Planet Hollywood. Singing, dancing and SHOWGIRLS! They group really had a great time and we hope to have them all back with us next year when we hit up RENO!

As usual the staff was amazing. Special thanks to Hailey our Nurse. She was wonderful. She was there to help out with all our needs and anything that came up. She is really fantastic. Thanks so much to all our other staff for the great job they do. This trip was our first time having Aaron along for staff. We are stoked to have added him along with Ian, a second time staffer for our out of town activities, to our list. This was also Valen’s first trip with us out of town. HUGE help and we were really glad to have him along. Allen and Veronica… They have become UCP CIP regulars. They are always there to help out and make sure everyone has a great time.